“RC made us an entertainment center that will, no doubt, be a family heirloom.  My wife and I like furniture.  We think a lot about what to buy and put in our house, often spending months and considering several options before making a purchase. 

When we approached RC about what we wanted, he listened closely and helped us with some critical design choices.  He then quickly drafted a three-dimensional rendering of the piece that helped us decide on some finishing touches. 

To say that the piece surpassed our expectations is an understatement.  It is, by far, the nicest piece of furniture we have.  If you are thinking about commissioning a piece, do it!  You'll be delighted in the outcome. "          


Joel Eaves,

Boulder, Colorado

  • Personalized design
  • Finish & material selection
  • Free local delivery
  • Heirloom Quality

 My name is Ryan Cheney (I typically go by “R.C.”) and I’m a studio furniture maker.  This means that I custom design and build solid wood furniture either on speculation or commission for clients along the Colorado Front Range.  Each piece I’ve built starts with a need- Maybe it needs to match certain dimensions, or have a certain look, or perform a certain function.  Maybe it needs to be built soundly, or locally, or serve to commemorate a life event, or “tie the room together.”  Whatever the case may be, there are simply times when an off-the-shelf, factory made, piece of furniture isn’t going to work, and that’s where I come in. 

The bulk of my work is done slowly, with deliberation and purpose, using traditional joinery methods and mostly hand tools, yet, the designs themselves are of a contemporary bent.  

I hope you’ll think of me and The Mountain Top Joiner’s Shop when you need a special piece of free standing furniture, a keepsake box, or a unique gift for someone.  I’d love to help!

What Clients Say About MTJS

“The instant we stumbled upon RC’s workshop, we wanted him to build something for us.  We didn’t know what, and it didn’t matter – a glimpse of his meticulous shop and the splendid works in progress were testimony enough that we’d get a unique work of fine craftsmanship.

The man even builds some of his own tools.  We decided on a pair of maple benches for our dining room table, and we got more than beautiful furniture: We got an experience that deepens our pleasure in the objects.  RC involved us in the selection of the raw materials. He let us drop by the shop to see the work as it progressed. He always made time for us. He explained his vision, his methods, and the subtleties of the materials.

The benches are the best furniture we own, and we unreservedly recommend R.C. to anyone who appreciates fine woodwork, easy going personalities, and enduring value. "


Eric Gershon,

Lafayette, Colorado

Good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to a living or working space. A typical commissioned project includes these services:

An Introduction


R.C., studio furniture maker & designer