I had him build me a keepsake box that is absolutely gorgeous. He is really gifted- just incredible workmanship. 

Steve Kotchounian

​Rochester Hills, Michigan

​I am the proud owner of a Stand Up Desk designed and built by Ryan. The wood is beautiful and elegant and it is a pure joy to work at the desk every day.

Ryan beveled the edges and created lovely curves to keep the desk from appearing boxy or heavy. What I really love is the hard finish he applied so no water stains from coffee cups or water bottles!

Thank you Ryan!       

Margareta Bancroft

​Boulder, Colorado

The man is a true craftsman, building furniture that will last for generations with not a whole lot more than traditional hand tools and his muscles for power.  He built a gorgeous entertainment center for my place in Vail, and is in the midst of building an equally beautiful coffee table and end table to match.  The furniture’s definitely going to outclass the rest of the place up there.   

Nick Wilde

Boulder, Colorado

RC, it is exquisite! Your craftsmanship and artistry far exceeded my highest expectations. I loved working with you. You absolutely got everything right. I am so proud to own this heirloom piece made by you. Words are not sufficient to express how thrilled I am. Thank you!!

Leigh Ann Sutton

Boulder, Colorado

Thank you for the beautiful benches.  They truly are spectacular.  We feel like we're sitting on artwork when we have dinner, and it's splendid.

Sara Miller

Lafayette, Colorado

Further Testimonials