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My name is Ryan D. Cheney and I'm a studio furniture maker. 

This means I design and build completely custom solid wood furniture working out of a one-man shop in Louisville, Colorado, either on speculation or commission. 
The pieces I build are often one of a kind. Seldom have I built the same piece, in the same way, twice.
The way I work is slow and deliberate, with a heavy emphasis on handwork, attention to detail, thoughtful, informed design, and obsession over craft value as it relates to the touch of the fallible, yet practiced, human hand.  

I've spent a great deal of time and energy observing and analyzing furniture in museums, stores, flea markets across the US and Europe as well as online and in print. I try to learn something from every piece of furniture I encounter, good or bad.
 I'm a contributing author to Furniture & Cabinet Magazine and have had my work featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine's Reader's Gallery. I've spoken publicly for the Colorado Woodworking Guild. I also produce woodworking and furniture making videos for YouTube.
Combined with countless hours of diligent practice, these experiences helped me develop the technical skills to build fine furniture and, ultimately, to cultivate and synthesize an original, hand-made, design aesthetic that I can call my own. 
This is my passion.  I invite you to share in it. 

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